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Your Solution for any Business Payroll Service

Business Payroll Services is a locally owned Payroll and HR service bureau headquartered in Southern California with offices in San Diego and Dallas Fort Worth, TX. Services provided are fully outsourced payroll processing, time and attendance solutions, benefits administration, workers compensation, retirement planning services and human resource consultation. Our goal is to work directly with our clients from first handshake to next year’s strategic business planning. Industry leading solutions are optimized to deliver time and money savings technologies that simplify your business payroll processes. At the same time Business Payroll Service administers powerful insights by providing exact cost considerations to help you run your business better. At BPS, we love to get our hands dirty. Tedious, time-consuming tasks of HR and payroll administration are taken off our clients’ backs, freeing them to focus on building their businesses. As small business owners ourselves, we connect with our clients and help them keep their eyes on the ball. As they thrive, we all thrive. Success as a journey not a destination, realizing things change, we work continually to improve all elements of your Business Payroll Process.

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Our Mission Statement is simple

Provide exceptional personal service combined with value added employer solutions.


We strive to combine our vast experience with cutting-edge technology to bring innovation to payroll and human resources, making enterprise level services and solutions available for small and mid-market businesses. This innovation coupled with world-class customer service, empowers our customers and simplifies their lives.


Service is the key to our success. You and your business are important to us and we look forward to providing you with the absolute highest level of service. We strive to take the worries and troubles of payroll and human resources off your hands so you can get back to business.


You can depend on Business Payroll Services to bring you the newest methods, services, and solutions for all your Payroll and Taxes, Time and Attendance, Human Resources and Benefit needs.


Since 2006, Business Payroll Services has been providing employer services, including payroll, human resource, time and labor, and HR benefits to growing businesses throughout the San Diego and Dallas Fort Worth areas.

So whether you’re looking for a better way to administer your payroll and taxes…manage restaurant payroll and tip reporting…distribute paychecks…pay your taxes…report new hires…and manage your employees…Business Payroll Services has the solution for you!

Why should you chooseBusiness Payroll Services?

When considering a professional partner to handle your HR/payroll tasks, we encourage our clients to interview our main competitors, ADP and Paychex. Decide for yourself whether you’d prefer a long-term relationship with local business owners, or sales reps turning over at 40% a year. Compare service provided by an out-of-town call center to direct help by the founders of our company. And consider whether your business is better off spending money with a massive Northeast corporation, or right here in Southern California or in the Dallas Forth Worth area. We respect our national and regional competitors and love having our business model matched up against theirs. Our commitment to connect owner-to-owner with our clients helps us both thrive.

Who is Business Payroll Services?

Lance and Beth Ladd, both veterans of payroll giant Intuit Inc and CBS Payroll, are the founders and co-owners of BPS. They’ve built a business model that is radically different than their national competitors’, emphasizing long-term relationships with local business owners, banks and CPAs and a service model that allows clients direct access to the owners’ expertise.


Business Payroll Services is always very helpful with any questions or needs. Sarah my dedicated specialist is the best, she is always polite and nice, and happy, she always helps us even when we give her little notice we need a final check on anything. Couldn’t ask for a better payroll company! Thank you Beth for your help with our insurance needs for our growing company. Business Payroll is the best. Thank you Sarah, Beth, Lance and Staff.

I am afraid to tell my boss how much time your company saves me each week in comparison to our old payroll company! BPS is always available to answer questions, assist me in correcting my errors, educate me on efficiency and help me with absolutely anything I need assistance with. I happily recommend Business Payroll Services to everyone!

I am always “wowed” by Business Payroll Services. Everyone there always goes the extra mile for us.

I have been working with Business Payroll Services for over 5 years. During this time Lance, Beth, Amy and Sarah have all been professional and knowledgeable. BPS has continued to offer Payroll and HR products services that have helped to make my job easier, saving me time and stress to get the job done. What I like best about BPS is that if I don’t understand something I can call and get personal support over the phone. As the office manager of a small company I wear many hats so having a company that offers this type of service is important. Thanks for everything!

I recommend Business Payroll Services. Working directly with my knowledgeable dedicated specialist saves me a lot of time and the payroll reports I receive are easy to read.