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HR360 Library

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As an example of the added products and service, we would like to provide you with one year of our new online HR Resource library at no cost, which offers HR advice, training policies, procedures and hundreds of forms.

Applicant Tracking

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You will also receive one year of our new award-winning applicant tracking system (ATS), electronic onboarding and WOTC screening. Watch these videos to learn more about these exciting new features.


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Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

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Human Capital Management Solutions

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PlatinumHR 2012 Demos

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The easy way to create adhoc reports.


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Data in 3D! Pivot table analysis and data visualization with a drag and drop interface.

Mobile Employee Access

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Employee self-service on any modern smartphone.

PlatinumPay Xpress Demos

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The quickest and easiest way to do payroll, period.

Quick Start Training

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15 minute quick start training guide to help you get up and running on PlatinumPay Xpress.

ACA Monitor with PlatinumHR

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Business Payroll Services is always very helpful with any questions or needs. Sarah my dedicated specialist is the best, she is always polite and nice, and happy, she always helps us even when we give her little notice we need a final check on anything. Couldn’t ask for a better payroll company! Thank you Beth for your help with our insurance needs for our growing company. Business Payroll is the best. Thank you Sarah, Beth, Lance and Staff.

I am afraid to tell my boss how much time your company saves me each week in comparison to our old payroll company! BPS is always available to answer questions, assist me in correcting my errors, educate me on efficiency and help me with absolutely anything I need assistance with. I happily recommend Business Payroll Services to everyone!

I am always “wowed” by Business Payroll Services. Everyone there always goes the extra mile for us.

I have been working with Business Payroll Services for over 5 years. During this time Lance, Beth, Amy and Sarah have all been professional and knowledgeable. BPS has continued to offer Payroll and HR products services that have helped to make my job easier, saving me time and stress to get the job done. What I like best about BPS is that if I don’t understand something I can call and get personal support over the phone. As the office manager of a small company I wear many hats so having a company that offers this type of service is important. Thanks for everything!

I recommend Business Payroll Services. Working directly with my knowledgeable dedicated specialist saves me a lot of time and the payroll reports I receive are easy to read.