Self Service Portals

Self-Service Portals

Business Payroll Services self-service portals provide tools and processes to enhance communications throughout the organization. Easy access gives both management and employees the power to access vital information and capabilities to their specific needs.

  • Employee Access Center
  • Manager Access Center

Employee Self-Service has quickly become one of the most popular employee benefits. Employees are provided with secure online access to payroll, HR, and other relevant information and functions. This dramatically reduces the cost of managing your workforce by improving communication and workflow by allowing employees to answer many of their own questions, which enables your HR staff to focus on more strategic activities.

Provides managers secure online, real-time access to the tools and information required to oversee many aspects of their employees work cycle, including pay, time-off, performance, and professional development. By streamlining managerial tasks, eliminating paperwork, and minimizing the need for HR involvement, you can control costs, improve productivity, and provide greater access to mission critical business intelligence and processes.

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