Platinum time

Platinum Time

Our web hosted time and attendance system provides full capabilities for labor management, scheduling, timekeeping, accruals, and more. Our product rivals the most advanced Enterprise level time & labor management systems, yet designed to still be easy and efficient to use.

Management can quickly access this information to track and regulate the workforce anytime or anyplace.

Employees have the flexibility to track time via a time clock, biometric reader or the web time entry.
Historical time cards and / or view benefit hour balances may be easily obtained

Platinum Time Features:
  • Graphical intuitive dashboard gauges communicate data instantly
  • Payroll monitoring presents real time stats – errors are flagged and may be easily corrected before exporting to a payroll service or program.
  • Comprehensive compliance management and flexible reporting adhere to important regulations such as Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
  • Extensive data filtering and drill-down capabilities quickly get to the heart of the data at the employee or enterprise level.
  • Integrated time cards instantly capture employee time and management adjustments.
  • Benefit Accruals automate the most complex rules for accumulating vacation, sick time, and other types of benefit leaves.
  • Leave Management automates the administration of paid time off.
  • Payroll integration allows collaboration with your payroll provider.
  • Gives employees the ability to request leave on line and map that request to the appropriate manager.
  • Ability for managers to view on premise employees
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